Simfort Claims To Be More Effective Than Propecia and Minoxidil

simfort twice as effective as minoxidilIf you've been researching hair loss medications and treatments, you've probably stumbled upon Simfort shampoo products. The commercial makes a bold claim stating that their shampoo is twice as effective as minoxidil. The hair loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, with 99.9% of the products on the market being completely worthless. This article will break down Simfort shampoo and find out if the ingredients can stand up to the bold claims. 

What's in Simfort Shampoo?

There's a long laundry list of ingredients. However, the element they promote is carbonic acid. So what is Carbonic acid? Well, it's essentially carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.  Carbonic acid is used for various reasons, but the most popular is for the use of carbonated water, sparkling wine, and other aerated drinks. Topical solutions containing carbonic acid can be very effective for cleaning items such as contact lenses. 

Simfort claims the real reason for genetic hair loss is something called 'sebum plugs,' yes, you heard it right, sebum plugs. They claim that 90% of male and female pattern baldness is caused by hair follicles buried in sebum plugs. What are sebum plugs? According to Simfort, sebum plugs are a mixture of sebum (scalp oil) and dirt. They claim that the hair follicles cannot grow because they are essentially clogged with dirt and oil. I have heard many outlandish claims in my time, but saying a 'dirty' scalp essentially causes hair loss is a first. 

The Real Cause For Genetic Hair Loss

Genetic hair loss is caused by two things a genetic predisposition to balding and the hormone called DHT.  Testosterone is converted into DHT through the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. DHT binds to the hair follicles androgen receptors. DHT does two things, it shortens the hair follicle's life cycle and shrinks the hair follicle. Once the DHT binds to these receptors, it gradually starts to shrink the hair follicle. When the hair follicle grows back, its growth phase is shortened, and the follicle itself is thinner- this process is called miniaturization or thinning. Baldness is a gradual degradation of the hair follicle. That is why you go through a period of thinning before you go bald. Eventually, the hair follicle dies out and no longer grows back. 

The idea that hair loss is caused by oil and dirt is preposterous. If that were true, 99.9% of the homeless population would be bald, including women. But we have all seen homeless people with some of the thickest hair on the planet. You might be saying, 'but the commercial said that regular shampoo could not unclog the sebum plugs.' To that, I say nonsense. If that's your main concern, why not douce your head with Neutrogena for a fraction of the cost.


Shampoo can treat two things seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. Part of the reason why Nizoral is somewhat effective in treating hair loss is because of the ingredient ketoconazole. Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal treatment that reduces the inflammation caused by DHT. That said, studies show that ketoconazole is similar in efficacy to 2 % minoxidil. Simfort does not contain any ketoconazole, the only ingredient found in a shampoo that could somewhat effectively treat genetic hair loss. Do not waste your time and money on shampoos that claim hair loss is caused by anything other than genetics and DHT. If you want to start washing your hair with Perrier, go ahead but don't expect to stop your hair loss. In closing, there are only two effective treatments for hair loss Propecia and minoxidil. Unfortunately, these two treatments do not regrow lost hair in most cases. For the regrowth of hair in a completely bald area, the only option is hair transplant surgery. If you're interested in speaking to world-renowned hair transplant surgeons to find general information such as cost, click HERE