Dr. David Josephitis performs ultra refined FUT/strip and FUE with outstanding results along side with Coalition members Drs. Ron and Paul Shapiro.

Dr. David Josephitis works with both Coalition members Dr. Ron Shapiro and Dr. Paul Shapiro and has an outstanding reputation amongst his patients and peers for performing cutting edge hair transplant surgery.His results are ultra-refined.

Dr. Josephitis has extensive training and went to medical school at Nova South Eastern University in Florida. He became interested in the field of surgical hair restoration after meeting Coalition member Dr. Glenn Charles. Dr. Josephitis is also a hair transplant patient and received 1800 grafts to refine his hairline. He is very hands on and extremely passionate about his work.

Dr. Josephitis provides both FUT/strip and FUE and performs all the extractions himself on every single FUE procedure at the clinic. This includes Dr. Ron Shapiro and Dr. Paul Shapiro's FUE cases. He is a board certified diplomate of the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) and has earned fellowship status at the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

Dr. Josephitis has the staff and experience to perform densely packed sessions exceeding 3000 grafts when appropriate for the patient via FUT/strip and up to 2000 grafts a day utilizing the FUE - follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) procedure. He uses all the latest techniques and technology including PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), ACell, microscopes and more. Grafts are dipped in ACell for all FUE procedures and when appropriate, PRP is applied to the recipient sites in order to facilitate optimal growth.<

Dr. David Josephitis uses a combination of FUE extraction devices including the Cole sharp punch, a manual punch and Coalition member Dr. Devroye's oscillating / rotating punch depending on the needs of the patient. Dr. Josephitis performs a large part of the procedure himself and works with between 5 to 10 experienced technicians averaging 10 years of experience on every strip procedure depending on the size of the session. During FUE, he only requires 2 or 3 technicians to assist him with the procedure.

Dr. Josephitis, his hair transplant technique, and patient results were carefully reviewed by our patient based online hair loss community. To view the highlights of this review, click here.


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